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“The Silver Eagle” program last broadcast 3-10-1955

Today in 1955, The Silver Eagle broadcast its final episode on the radio. Please enjoy a 1954 broadcast of this rare recordings.  Jim Ameche stars as Jim West of the Canadian Northwest Mounted Police. The Silver Eagle series was broadcast on ABC sponsored by General Mills from 1951 Р1955.

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Dear Old Radio ,

I heard these shows as a boy, and I look forward to hearing this one today.

I was a regular listener to “The Silver Eagle” back then when the program was carried on my local ABC Radio affiliate, KCBQ, at 1170 on the dial in San Diego.

Thanx so much for providing this.

Jim Ameche was a terrific talent.

I used to listen to the Silver Eagle when it was on radio, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. It alternated with the Lone Ranger. The Silver Eagle’s sidekick was a French Canadian who used a bow that shot arrows with silver eagle feathers. Sounds a little like a certain masked man doesn’t it. They would usually sneek up on the bad guys at their campsite and shoot an arrow into the log where the guy was sitting. The response was always the same…”What! it’s the Silver Eagle.” Jim West’s response was always “I arrest you in the name of the Crown.” Jim Ameche, Don’s brother, played the Silver Eagle and Jack Lester or Jacques Lestair as he was credited played Joe Bideaux.

This was great to listen to again after all these years. I, too, heard THE SILVER EAGLE on Tuesdays and Thursdays opposite THE LONE RANGER. I’ve searched for the program for many years but, unlike the Lone Ranger, I haven’t found any of these transcribed. Well done!

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