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U.S. President Franklin D Roosevelt held his first “Fireside Chat” 3-12-1933

FDR Fire side ChatToday in 1933, FDR broadcast his first “Fireside Chat” to discuss the banking crisis.

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I just heard FDR’s first Fireside Speech on the banking crisis. He encourages the saving of money in a bank rather than under the mattress. Even though I am listening to him on a computer, I can imagine how it sounded coming over a Philco table model radiol. He certainly had the best voice for inspiring confidence in the America public. His motto “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is as true today with urban legends and website paranoia as it was then.

I have a question…
I have to do a ss project about Roosevelt and u didn’t tell me anything abut why he did this!

I have a question where can I find the silver eagle
radio show on CD? My dad had one but now can’t find it and I would really love if I could find where I could park just one so I could give it to him. Thank you in advance.

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