Mister District Attorney debuted on the radio 4-3-1939

Today in 1939 Mr. District Attorney was heard for the first time on the radio.

The radio crime-adventure serial followed the ‘champion of the people’ and was originally a 15-minute nightly program. In this broadcast, Mr. DA (Dwight Weist) goes after protection racketeers (Jay Jostyn as one of the bad guys.)

Later that summer (June of 1939), the program went to a half-hour weekly format and aired through 1952.

Please enjoy the first broadcast of this series entitled “The Restaurant Killers.”

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2 Responses to Mister District Attorney debuted on the radio 4-3-1939

  1. Rene Tihista says:

    Here’s an irony: Mr. District Attorney first broadcast on the day I was born, April, 3,1939. I just learned that today. Amazing. I love the program and in fact still remember the opening preamble: “It is my duty as District Attorney not only to prosecute to the limit of the law all persons accused of crimes perpetrated within this the county, but to defend the rights and privileges of all its citizens…..da dum de da da dum de dem….?” Where can I here that preamble? I still remember it and I’m 71 years old. Help!

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