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Fibber McGee and Molly: Broadcast 63 years ago today…

Some people would argue that Fibber McGee and Molly were the Golden Age of Radio because of the show’s very long successful run (1935-1959). But more than just staying power, the show at 79 Wisful Way showcased terrific comic and musical talent. Throughout … Continue reading

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Live! It’s the Xavier Cugat Orchestra

A promising classical violinist by the age of 15, Xavier Cugat would go on to become the “Rumba King” by the time he reached 30. Two years after his birth in 1900, Cugat and his family emigrated from Spain to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Portland Hoffa!

Portland Hoffa, wife and radio co-star of comedian Fred Allen was born on this day, Jan 25, 1905, in Portland Oregon. Hoffa and Fred Allen met while on the road with The Passing Show of 1922, and started going together … Continue reading

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Magic Island: Children’s Adventure Serial

Magic Island is a children’s science-fantasy serial story. The syndicated serial was recorded in 1936. There were 130 12-minute episodes, all of which have survived. This gives us more than 25 hours of programming. The details don’t tell us much, … Continue reading

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Dana Andrews, Part II

The sub-title to Dana Andrews‘ biography (written by James McKay) is The Face of Noir. Not only did he play in many B-grade Film Noir thrillers, but much of his radio work falls into the category for “Radio Noir.” He … Continue reading

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Dana Andrews: “The Face of Noir”

Dana Andrews was an A-List Hollywood talent during the 40s, but was relegated to mostly B-movies during the 50s. His career extended into the 1980s. Born into the family of a Baptist Minister, Andrews spent his earliest years in Mississippi … Continue reading

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Good Night, David Nelson

(Oct 24 1936 – Jan 11, 2011) David Nelson, oldest son of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and last surviving member of the radio and television family, lost his battle with colon cancer on Jan 11, 2011. Band leader husband Ozzie … Continue reading

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Paying for a Total War: The War Bond Drives

One striking aspect of the Second World War, when viewed from a distance of three or four generations, is the universality of the conflict. The public at large seems more in touch with “American Idol” than the progress of the … Continue reading

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US War Bonds on Old Time Radio

The Second World War was not only a test of American Might, Engineering, Fortitude, and Patriotism. It was expensive. The Federal budget swelled from nine billion dollars in 1939 to 98 billion in 1945. The 300 billion dollars that Uncle … Continue reading

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Candy Matson episode: Broadcast Today 60 Years Ago…

Candy Matson was no GIRL detective…she was all woman. Candy Matson was a response to all the hard-boiled detectives on the radio like Jeff Regan, Rocky Fortune, Pat Novak, and all those other detectives who were beaten up on a … Continue reading

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