Dana Andrews, Part II

The sub-title to Dana Andrewsbiography (written by James McKay) is The Face of Noir. Not only did he play in many B-grade Film Noir thrillers, but much of his radio work falls into the category for “Radio Noir.”

He made several appearances on the thriller Suspense! A number of his movie roles were reprised on The Screen Director’s Playhouse and Screen Guild Players, as well as on Lux Radio Theater.

Dana Andrews biggest radio success, and probably darkest role, was as Matt Cvetic in the syndicated Ziv Production, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. The Cvetic character led a double life. He appeared to be a loyal member of the Communist Party who was disowned by his family and friends for following the despicable and dangers leaders of the Reds. In reality he was a patriot on a dangerous and secret mission that he couldn’t even share with his mother for fear she might accidently reveal his secret and cause him to suffer the retribution the Reds save for disloyal members. Cvetic walked a dangerous path and had to survive on his wits, luck, and faith in true American Ideals.  The show was highly fictionalized, but based on the true-life adventures of an informant to the House Un-American Activities Committee. The program is given a very dark and ominous chill when Andrews intones the tag-line “I Walk Alone.”

Enjoy this episode of Dana Andrews in I Was a Communist for the FBI:
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