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Atomic Radio

The last years of the Golden Age of Radio were also the beginning years of the Cold War. Thanks to the improved broadcast technology developed during WWII and the growing sophistication of writers and producers, some of Radio’s best programming … Continue reading

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Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Save the World!

Edgar Bergen is best remembered for his ventriloquism and his diverse cast of comedic wooden dummy co-performers. Bergen was born February 16, 1903 in Decatur, Michigan. Self-taught, Bergen caught the attention of Harry Lester, a master ventriloquist who schooled Bergen … Continue reading

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The Shadow of Fu Manchu

A gong sounds and Gerald Mohr ominously intones “The Shadow…of Fooo ManChoo.” There is a long period of eerie organ music at the beginning and end of each episode; this is because the show was recorded for Syndication. The long … Continue reading

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Big Band Radio Shows

Listening to classic big band radio broadcasts is a great past-time.  Hearing some live music old time radio shows broadcasts from the greats never gets old! Some favorites include: Andrew Sisters Artie Shaw Bing Crosby Call for Music Tommy Dorsey … Continue reading

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Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: Quicksand Murder Case

Although primarily known for their work in Musicals and Soap Operas, Frank and Anne Hummert had a degree of success with Detective/Mystery radio programs. The mystery shows had many of the elements that the couple used in their Soap Opera … Continue reading

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Happy 39th Birthday, Jack Benny!

The “stuck on 39” running gag got started the year after Jack Benny celebrated his “first” 39th birthday on the air. It was so much fun he decided to do the same thing the next year, because “There’s nothing funny … Continue reading

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Irna Phillips: Mother of the Soap Opera

The Soap Opera is considered a “Woman’s Genre”, not only because housewives are the primary audience, but because the form was invented and perfected by women in the man’s world of network broadcasting. These women included Anne Hummert, who teamed … Continue reading

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