Science Fiction on Atomic Radio

We have been very busy for the last few days, getting ready to roll out our big Atomic Radio Collection. I think that everyone will enjoy the recordings– there has been a lot of discussion about the Cold War and we are all proud, because we know that the cat really appreciates the high quality of Old Time Radio Shows that we’ve put together for Atomic Radio.

But there is the problem; we have been so busy that no one had noticed that the cat has been missing for a couple days.

I had a suspicion, and it turns out I was right. The cat had been hiding in the Bomb Shelter in the basement. No harm, right? Well, I forgot that I hid my collection of

Amazing Science Fiction and Astounding Science Fiction Magazines down there… Over the weekend, the cat has had the garage locked, and won’t let anyone in. I think he is building either a Time Machine or a Space Ship. What ever is going on down there, I fear for Uncle Steve’s Ham radio set and Sister Kate’s 1974 Honda Civic.

The Atomic Radio Collection includes some of the finest Science Fiction radio from X Minus One, Exploring Tomorrow, Escape!, 2000 Plus, Suspense! and more, featuring the work of Sci Fi’s best authors including Bradbury’s “Zero Hour” and “There Will come Soft Rains” from 1956:

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