Atomic Radio Old Time Radio This is Civil Defese

Duck and Cover, Atomic Radio

We all chuckled when I had to clean up after the cat in the garage. I was able to get the ’74 Civic mostly put back together, but I just don’t want to be around when Uncle Steve decides he wants to fire up the Ham Radio Gear. The cat wasn’t able to build his space ship (he kept muttering something about never being able to find plutonium when you need it.) But now he is off on a different tangent.

The cat’s Civil Defense Helmet was cute at first, but I thought the staff would draw straws to see who had to be the one who tried to take the cat’s silver whistle away. The first “Duck and Cover” drill was actually a lot of laughs. Murray got caught in the wires from his computer, and was afraid to come out from under his desk–but soon the drills got old.

That is until the cat made us listen to a few episodes of The Fifth Horseman and The Quick and the Dead. We’re hoping that the cat will be settling down soon, but I don’t know.

I had to go down to the basement a few minutes ago, and the cat is back in the fallout shelter, and now he is listening to his CD of This is Civil Defense. It’s a great show, produced for the US Government and broadcast on the old Mutual Network. But just knowing that cat is listening to it makes me nervous.

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