Western Spoofs

Why did the Chicken cross the Road? Because the Family across the Street is listening to Old Time Western Radio Programs?

Judging by the Laughter, it is more likely that they are listening to one of the many Western Spoofs played by some of Radio’s Greatest Comedians!

The West is a place where it doesn’t pay to take yourself too seriously. Cowboy’s laughing at themselves is a staple of the Western Musical Variety Shows like Melody Ranch, 10-2-4 Ranch, and The Hollywood Barndance. But when a professional comedian gets in touch with his “Western Side” it is best to hide the women and chickens!

Jack Benny made several episodes around his Western alter-ego, “Buck Benny.” Red Skelton made an interesting if off-beat Cowboy, but who could be a more off-beat Cowboy than New England sour-puss Fred Allen. And as for Edgar Bergen– wasn’t one of Charlie McCarthy’s uncles a cactus after all?


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