Old Time Radio Western

Western Radio Sampler: A Hollywood Staple of Pulp Fiction

You say that you don’t like Westerns? Have you ever seen a Western on the Radio?

Westerns usually take place on the American Frontier during the period between the end of the Civil War and the Massacre at Wounded Knee. They have long been a staple of pulp fiction and Hollywood.

Radio Westerns in this collection include:

  • American Trail – featuring true stories from American Western History
  • Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders – Juvenile show with a Western Twist
  • Cisco Kid – The Robin Hood of the West with sidekick Pancho (Mel Blanc)
  • Death Valley Days – Rare Western show takes place in the hottest, driest region of the West
  • Dr. Six Gun – Friend and physician in the lawless 1870s
  • Fort Laramie – From the creators of Gunsmoke, starring Raymond Burr
  • Frontier Gentlemen – British Correspondent travels and reports about his adventures in the West
  • Frontier Town – Tough guy lawyer enforces the law in the tough town Dos Rios
  • Gunsmoke – One of the best radio shows with gruff Matt Dillon
  • Have Gun Will Travel – Gunfighter Paladin could wine and dine fine ladies and shoot with the best of them
  • Hawk Larabee – Tells the stories of the people in a 1840s Texas town
  • Lightning Jim – Rare Western Radio Show about “How the West was Won”
  • Lone Ranger – “Hi Oh Silver, Away!” Long Lived and popular western radio show with The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto
  • Luke Slaughter – Featuring Civil War cavalryman turned Arizona cattleman
  • Red Ryder – Popular Newspaper comic hero and “America’s famous fighting cowboy,”
  • Roy Rogers – “The King of the Cowboys” with “The Queen of the West” Dale Evans, “The Smartest Horse in the Movies” Trigger, and “The Wonder Dog” Bullet
  • Six Shooter – Jimmy Stewart stars in this excellent old time radio Western
  • Sky King – Part Cowboy Part Aviator in this juvenile western radio show
  • Straight Arrow – Mild Mannered rancher turned warrior with a secret cave
  • Tom Mix –Real-Life cowboy Tom Mix sings, ropes, and rodeos
  • Wild Bill Hickok – With Sidekick Jingles fights bad guys in the American West

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