Old Time Radio Western Rarities

Old Time Radio Programs usually become Rarities because at the time they were produced no one in the Production Staff thought that we would be enjoying their show today on old time radio mp3s.

Often it is the case that the show was broadcast live, and if it was recorded, recording media of the time was notoriously fragile. Many times the recordings may have been saved, but left in a closet or locker. After collecting dust for years the space is needed later and the recordings are simply thrown away.

Many of the missing Westerns have simply blown away across the Lone Prairie.
This makes the surviving recordings all the more valuable.

  • The original Rin-Tin-Tin appeared on the Radio in the 1930s and used his own voice (and did his own stunts). The 1955 episodes presented as part of this collection tell stories of the famous Dog’s adventures with the 101st Calvary.
  • It is hard to believe that Death Valley Days could have become a rarity; the TV show featured Ronald Reagan! However most of the long running radio episodes are lost. Did you know that the very realistic program was created by a lady who had never been in the West until she started writing for the program?
  • Saunders of the Circle X featured Andy Devine, and was broadcast on the West Coast at the same time Devine was working on Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch.
  • One of CBS’s earliest attempts at an Adult Western was Hawk Durango (later changed to Hawk Larrabee.)Enjoy the other Rare Westerns in the Collection!
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