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Old Time Radio for a Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

According to the US Census Bureau there are 8,111 clothing stores across the US, many of which will sell you a very nice tie for Father’s Day.

There are 16,010 Hardware Store which sell hammers, screwdrivers and power tools that Dad may enjoy.

Dad might enjoy a fishing rod or new golf clubs from one of the 22,116 sporting goods outlets throughout the country. Last year 81.5 million people enjoyed a barbeque last year, and it is a fair guess that many of them were held on Father’s Day.

With all of these numbers reeling through your head, it might be a good time to pour a cup of hot chocolate for you and Dad, and then enjoy some great Father’s Day Radio Programming from Old Time Radio.

Young Henry Aldrich just wants to help. Mother and Sister are too busy for Father while he is recovering from his virus attack, so Henry will have to put the vegetables on for supper. But is it OK for Father to be alone that long? Henry will skip Biology class so he can be there if Father needs him. Henry certainly didn’t mean for the Principal to think that Father is on his deathbed and that Mother is working to provide for the family. But there is always some sort of misunderstanding on The Aldrich Family.

There is no way that Judy and her little brother can find a good birthday present for her father for $2, especially when there is a new snood that well just match Judy’s dress. Besides, the most precious gift is time, and what could be a better present for Father than to spend time with his children. It is the day that he was going to see an important new business associate, Mr. Quigley, but that’s not the way the kids see it! It turns into A Date With Judy as Father is taken to the Amusement Park to be with Judy’s gang. But don’t worry about the business; Judy will set up “Quigley-Wiggly” with a date with one of her teenage friends! What could possibly go wrong?

One more small bit from the Census Bureau: There are 70.1million Fathers in the US.

Happy Father’s Day!

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