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Jewish Old Time Radio Programs

Although there were many Jewish radio stars, there were few old time radio series dedicated to Jewish family, faith, and tradition during the golden age of radio. ?Some of the favorites old time radio series about Jews include:

  1. The Goldbergs
  2. Eternal Light
  3. Mama Bloom’s Brood
  4. People Take the Lead
  5. Golden Door
  6. Eternal Light
  7. Abies Irish Rose
  8. Yehui Menuhin recordings

A great read on the subject is Radio and the Jews: The Untold Story of How Radio Influenced America’s Image of Jews, 1920s-1950s By David S. and Susan Siegel.

Enjoy an episode from Mama Bloom’s Brood from 1934 entitled “Mrs Fink Told Off”:

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I want Ed Walker of “The Big Broadcast” on WAMU 88.5 FM in D.C. to play some Jewish themed shows at Jewish Holiday times. Can you tell me, is there no Jewish Old Time Radio available to be played over the air? Why can’t we have A LITTLE Passover or Hanukah mixed in with the huge amount of Easter & Christmas we get. I know that there is a lot more “Christian” themed shows, because there are a lot more Christians, but are there no Jewish shows available to be broadcast?

What’s your knowledge of this topic? Thanks

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