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Crime Classics and James-Younger Gang

Cole Younger, Jesse James, and their brothers terrorized the Old West in the years just after the Civil War. Later their names are used for stereotypical badmen in the movies. When Western Movies were often regarded as Grade B fare … Continue reading

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Power, Looks and Brains in “Candy Matson YU2-8209”

Candy Matson was the creation of writer, Monty Masters. Masters had a long established career in radio and his wife was a successful actress in the theater. Monty Masters had originally created the private investigator series for a male lead, … Continue reading

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Groundhog’s Day At Jotem Down Store

“Do they have a calendar down in their little hole?” or ” “How does a groundhog know when February the Second gets here”? Enjoy this recording: Cedric is “helped” by Lum with his Groundhog Day school writing project:

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