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Bing and Rosemary, A Friendship

The Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show is a treat for audiences, but was also a good deal of fun for its stars. In 1960 radio made a bid to attract some daytime listeners, and proposed the project to Bing. Rosemary Clooney … Continue reading

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March Around the Breakfast Table, It’s Time for “The Breakfast Club”

The Breakfast Club initially aired as The Pepper Pot in the early 1930’s. The 8 a.m. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Blue Network variety show did not have a sponsor and its ratings were less than desirable. By 1933, Don McNeill … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patty’s Day on the Radio

According to legend, blessed St. Patrick was assailed by snakes while he was undergoing a forty day fast on the top of a mountain. Exasperated that the foul creatures would disturb his peaceful meditations, he promptly drove all the serpents in Ireland … Continue reading

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Philo Vance – Aristocrat Snob Detective for old time radio listeners

Philo Vance came to the radio from the pages of popular fiction just like other popular detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Phillip Marlowe. Usually when a well loved character comes to broadcast from literature there are fans who don’t like … Continue reading

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