Happy St. Patty’s Day on the Radio

According to legend, blessed St. Patrick was assailed by snakes while he was undergoing a forty day fast on the top of a mountain. Exasperated that the foul creatures would disturb his peaceful meditations, he promptly drove all the serpents in Ireland into the sea.

Further, the shamrock became sacred in Ireland because St.Patrick used the three leafed plant to illustrate the Christian Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, three divine persons in one God.

What’s more, every year on March 17 we eat mountains of corned beef and cabbage because it was such a favorite back on “the auld sod”, a hearty treat on many an Irish table.

In point of actual fact, cattle and beef were so expensive in Old Ireland that the common Irishman rarely got to taste it until he immigrated to New York and adopted corned beef from his Jewish immigrant neighbors

What does any of this have to do with coloring perfectly good beer green every spring? We’re not really sure, but we do know that the folks at Old Time Radio don’t need to answer legends to bring you some great free St Patricks Day Old Time Radio shows!

Please feel free to check out all of our terrific Old Time Radio treasures, especially our St. Patrick’s Day Collection.

Please pass another heaping plate of corned beef and cabbage!


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