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Let Yours Truly, Bob Bailey, Do It : Bob Bailey Old Time Radio Actor

Bob Bailey was “born in a theater trunk” in Toledo, Ohio, to traveling-performer parents. Bob first hit the stage at the age of six. He began performing on the radio in Chicago, which was a hub of network production during … Continue reading

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Gumshoe Cases in The Fat Man

Dashiell Hammett, the famous Sam Spade┬ádetective novelist created The Fat Man series for a listening audience. Brad Runyon, the title character solved murder mysteries that often baffled ordinary law enforcement. Runyon was a tough, street-smart seasoned detective, who worked with … Continue reading

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Say The Magic Woid

Radio wasn’t always kind to Julius Marx. Better known to the world as Groucho, Julius and his brothers were pushed into show business by their mother, Minnie Marx, who hoped her sons would find their fortune like their uncle Al … Continue reading

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Birth of Sensational News with the Hindenburg Disaster

The Hindenburg disaster signaled the end of the airship era. The radio broadcast by Herbert Morrison and the accompanying newsreel footage paralyzed the nation, when it was broadcast the following day. Morrison’s account remains one of the most historical and … Continue reading

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Horse Racing Radio Broadcasts & The Kentucky Derby

Somewhere in the dewy mists of time one of caveman ancestors rose from around the communal fire and befriended one of the equine beasts with which he shared the prehistoric steppes. Much to the surprise of his mates, the caveman … Continue reading

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