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Horse Racing Radio Broadcasts & The Kentucky Derby

Somewhere in the dewy mists of time one of caveman ancestors rose from around the communal fire and befriended one of the equine beasts with which he shared the prehistoric steppes. Much to the surprise of his mates, the caveman didn’t try to eat the beast; instead he crawled upon his back and rode him. Now the caveman’s personal speed and range was increased, which benefited his hunting prowess and made him more beneficial to his tribe. Soon another caveman discovered that he was able to ride upon a horse, and, given the competitive nature of man, it was inevitable that they would compete to see whose horse was the fastest.

Use of the domesticated horse spread throughout the ancient world, but nowhere with as much grace, speed, and ferocity as with the nomadic tribesmen of the Near East. When returning from their Crusades to the Holy Land, several knights brought with them examples of the splendid horses bred on the Arabian peninsula. These incredibly fast Arab studs were bred to hearty English mares. Their offerspring were a stock of thoroughly bred horses which balanced Arab speed with English endurance. The resulting breed, Thoroughbreds, is the basis of modern horse racing.

Long called the “Sport Of Kings,” thoroughbred racing may seem to require a royal budget to be directly involved. Enjoying and following the races is accessible to all. For the price of a two-dollar bet, anyone can become a participant in the race. Horse racing is one of the oldest and still most popular of spectator sports.

Entertaining and exciting as it is to be at the actua races, hearing the call on the radio is an exciting substitute. The Horse Racing Collection has a lot to offer long time racing fans and those just learning about the sport. The races themselves are always a fun listen. The particular rhythm and patter of the announcer brings us track side. We can cheer the outstanding performance of the horses and feel the thrill of a close finish. Many of the radio broadcasts of the Kentucky Derby races in the collection feature prerace commentary will help educate new fans, and delight long time followers of the race.

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