Childrens Radio Shows Magic Island Old Time Radio Serial

The Magic Island: Engaging Children’s Adventure Show

Magic Island is a deceptively simple program. Supposedly it targeted the juvenile radio market. The 12 minute episodes are written in a somewhat spare fashion, and feature no music and simple sound effects. This leaves all of the storytelling to the dialog of the three or four characters in the broadcast, and the quick summary provided at the beginning of each episode by announcer/producer Perry Crandall.

Wealthy widow Patricia Gregory, her right hand man, Capt Tex Bradford, and young Jerry Hall, have traveled to the South Seas in search of Mrs. Gregory’s long lost daughter, Joan. When they reach the mysterious location, all they find is an impenetrable bank of fog that contains magnetic properties that causes ships to navigate around it without realizing it is there. Finally they are able to penetrate the fog using a device of Capt Bradford’s invention. Within the fog is indeed an island.

The island of Euclidia is ruled by the evil scientist G-47. Mrs. Gregory’s daughter has indeed been living on the island under the name Cleostra. Joan is of course taken with young Jerry Hall, who can’t wait to escape and show her the wonders of California (“Golly Whiskers!”).

G-47 and his assistants have created a world they control completely. They have instant communication over the radio with the outside world, their walls are made of a steel that can be electrified or made transparent, and G-47 possesses a raygun that can render its victim unconscious for a minute or kill him at a whim.

Will our intrepid crew escape the clutches of evil G-47? What are G-47’s nefarious plans? Is there any way to foil them? Of course the only way to find out is to keep listening! 

Enjoy the first episode of Magic Island from Old Time Radio: