Radio’s Escape To… Success

Radio ShowsSuspense was the big “grip the seat” program of the golden radio age of the 40’s and 50’s. It’s title characterized efficiently the mood of the show…as it entered the homes across America. However, it was not the only show to set in the motion the building of nerves. The Escape radio program was another broadcastthat built the suspense, but with more supernatural additive. From 1947-1954, Escape carried away its fair share of heavy hitting writing.

From John Dehner to Harry Bartell, Escape featured an array of episodes and stars that never failed to grab the listener where he lived…in the adrenaline. Fear, surprise, anxiety were all adjectives that could be considered perfect qualifiers for the show. But, one thing that never could be stated about this show was that it was boring.

Escape featured shows that made people think. It developed personas strictly by minute by minute intrigue. Each episode was a unique flavor…a focused approach to wonder and bewilderment. The writer of each episode knew how to string dialog with curiosity. But, it took the talents of the voice actor to drive home the message.

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