“My Dear Watson”…More Than a Trite Endearment

“My Dear Watson” was as infamous a statement to old time radio listeners of the 1940’s, as radio’s The Lone Ranger “Hi Yo silver, Away”.

Radio’s Sherlock Holmes endeared himself to the myriad of listener’s with his dryer than Death Valley wit and his constant and harmless cracks upon his illustrious colleague Dr. John Watson. Watson seemed to be a constant bother to Holmes with is endless dribble about trivial facts, but to Holmes, Watson embodied the type of friend we all seek…faithful and dependable. Whenever Watson was in danger, one could count on Sherlock Holmes to be there to rescue the amenable bore. Yet, Holmes never seemed to find Watson anything but a true companion and friend.

Maybe that is why Watson grew on the millions  of listeners who tuned into the The Sherlock Holmes radio program every week. Holmes was always the one to solve the crime; yet, Watson brought a certain resolve to help in whatever manner. There adage a “friend sticks closer than a brother” certainly held true with Dr. John Watson. He may have bumbled and fumbled, but he never repented of his devotion. That was a needed virtue during the uncertain days that the America and the rest of the world was embroiled in. A faithful friend.

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