Old Time Radio

Inflation since the Golden Age of Radio

Belts are being tightened, pennies pinched, postage prices soar, gas prices waver, but one thing you can rely on is OTRCAT’s prices. For over 20 years (since 1999), has offered thousands of classic radio shows for just $5 per volume.

If prices for a $5.00 CDs rose with inflation, how much would OTRCAT’s CDs cost today? According to the U.S. Inflation Calculator, one OTRCAT CD would cost $8.89 with a cumulative rate of inflation since 1999 at 77.8%! Wow!

Since we have our thinking caps on we wanted to remind you how much prices have changed since the Golden Age of Radio:

New House$3,920.00$348,000.00
Average Annual Income$1,725.00$63,215.00
New Car$850.00$47,000.00
Average Monthly Rent$30.00$1,825.00
Gallon of Milk$0.52$4.00
Gallon of Gasoline$0.25$4.00
Movie Ticket$0.30$9.17

It’s no wonder we all have nostalgia for the good old days of radio! plans to continue to provide hours of entertainment for the low price of $5.00. We truly appreciate your support and business to help preserve affordable old time radio shows to future generations.

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