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Charlie McCarthy Premiers on Royal Gelatin Hour

Seventy seven years ago, on Dec 17, 1936, Edgar Bergen brought his companion, Charlie McCarthy, to the radio waves for the first time. The show was The Royal Gelatin Hour hosted and directed by Rudy Vallee. Better known as The … Continue reading

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The Voice of Firestone brings Classical Music to the Airwaves, 1928

Sponsored by the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, the Firestone Hour debuted December 3, 1928 on the NBC radio-broadcasting network. The program featured classical and operatic music in an old time radio shows format, in which selections were performed by the … Continue reading

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70 Years ago today, The Great Gildersleeve Audition Episode was recorded…

The Great Gildersleeve old time radio show was centered on Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve. Gildersleeve (the Great Man himself) came from the Wistful Vista of Fibber McGee and Molly. The Great Gildersleeve receives a lot of notice for being the first successful “Spin-off” … Continue reading

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Magic Island: Children’s Adventure Serial

Magic Island is a children’s science-fantasy serial story. The syndicated serial was recorded in 1936. There were 130 12-minute episodes, all of which have survived. This gives us more than 25 hours of programming. The details don’t tell us much, … Continue reading

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Academy Award Theater debuts starring Bette Davis, 3-30-46

Today in 1946, Academy Award Theater was heard for the first time. The first dramatized story was titled, Jezebel and starred actresses, Bette Davis and Ann Revere. Sponsored by Squibb, this is the first show of the series: an adaptation … Continue reading

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Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Debut episode, 2-18-1949

In 1949 today, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar debuted on CBS. Featured is the first episode, titled “Mind in the Shadows.” Charles Russell plays the starring role as the insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account. Please enjoy the debut episode: … Continue reading

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