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Candy Matson episode: Broadcast Today 60 Years Ago…

Natalie ParksCandy Matson was no GIRL detective…she was all woman. Candy Matson was a response to all the hard-boiled detectives on the radio like Jeff Regan, Rocky Fortune, Pat Novak, and all those other detectives who were beaten up on a regular basis.

Candy, played by Natalie Parks, was hard-boiled in her own way. She never compromised her femininity but she did know how to use a gun and didn’t hesitate to use when it was necessary. She didn’t take any guff from the guys–the good guys or the bad guys. With a snappy comeback, she could take anybody’s head off. Candy was fearless, never hesitating to go wherever she needed to solve a case from the lowest dive to the classiest night club. Candy worked hard to get her goon.


Enjoy this episode of Candy Matson entitled “NC98012” broadcast today 60 years ago:

Charlie Chan Detective Radio Old Time Radio Serial

December 1932 Welcomes Charlie Chan Radio Series

The astute Chinese-American detective, Charlie Chan first hit the airwaves on the NBC Blue Network in 1932. Charlie Chan was the creation of Earl Derr Biggers, who based the Chan character on a real Chinese-American police detective in Honolulu. The composite character first appeared in his novel, House without a Key, in 1925. The popularity of a 1931 film adaption of Charlie Chan led to the development of a serial radio show that aired intermittently between 1932 and 1948. Every week, Chan captured the imagination of his listeners, as he used his wit and pseudo Confucianism to solve crimes from around the world.

Enjoy this episode titled “Case of the Marching Ants”: