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Nontraditional Christmas Shows: Old Western Christmas

Christmas memories are full of chestnuts and open fires, snowy scenes and jingle bells. But Christmas Radio Shows turns up in some unexpected places.

The Old West seems a strange place to find Christmas , but of course it is there. In The Six Shooter, the angular and long legged drifter, Britt Ponsett, spends a chilly winter morning telling a run-away orphan boy the story of  “Old Eben,” a miserly land baron whose eyes are opened to the wonders of the season by a visit from a Christmas Ghost. Even if it isn’t George Bailey, the sound of Jimmy Stewart’s voice at Christmas is somehow just right. This retelling of A Christmas Carol is unexpected, being set on the frontier, but hearts are warmed just the same when Old Eben tells his ranch hand Bob Cratchet to tear down his drafty cabin and to build a proper ranch house for his family. The transcribed story was written by Frank Burt, “in collaboration with… Charles Dickens.”