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Patriotic Radio: The Founding Fathers

No study of American Patriotismwould be complete without looking at the determination and sacrifice of the Founding Fathers.From the perspective of modern times it is hard to fully appreciate the risks taken by these men who pledged to each other … Continue reading

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Patriotic Old Time Radio: Baseball

Many of us happily remember when America was light-heartedly defined by “Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet“. Today, General Motors has seen its better days, Apple Pie is is derided for its calories, and stadium hotdogs have become, well, complicated. … Continue reading

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Patriotic Radio, How Fibber Won the War

The wave of American Patriotism during the Second World War is a phenomenon that may seem foreign to modern audiences. But this genuine feeling of involvement in the War was nearly universal. A good example of this is the popular … Continue reading

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