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Arch Oboler’s Sounds

It we consider radio drama as an art form, three great names stand out as masters; Orson Welles, Norman Corwin, and Arch Oboler. Of the three, Arch Oboler could almost be counted as a forgotten or over-looked genius. Oboler was … Continue reading

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Arch Oboler’s Strange Journey

Arch Oboler is often compared with other radio genius of his time, like Orson Welles and Norman Corwin. Unfortunately, Oboler often gets painted with the dry brush. Truly, it is a matter of success drawing praise, but it ignores the … Continue reading

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Terror! It’s Almost Midnight 1934 (New Years)

The new year of 1934 began with the shrieks, screams and chills of the “Almost Midnight” radio program. Originally airing as a 15-minute weekly series on local NBC station WENR, the show gained popularity with listeners enthralled by the realistic … Continue reading

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