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Good Night, Mickey Rooney

Born Joseph Yule Jr. to a Vaudeville couple, Mickey Rooney had on of Hollywood’s longest and most successful careers. According to family legend Joe Jr. crawled onto the stage at the tender age of 14 months. His father swept him … Continue reading

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Good Night, Shirley Mitchell

Classic TV fans are mourning the departure of the last surviving adult recurring cast member of I Love Lucy, Shirley Mitchell. Mitchell reportedly became friends with Lucille Ball while the famous redhead was working on radio’s My Favorite Husband. Joining … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace Esther Williams

It is often said that the secret to success is to be in the right place at the right time. The life and career of swimming sensation Esther Williams proves that it has to be the right person in the … Continue reading

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Sept 30, 2012: 50th Anniversary of the End of Old Time Radio

Fifty Years ago on this date, old time radio symbolically ended its reign as the primary source of entertainment in American homes. On September 30, 1962 the final broadcast of Suspense and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar went over the air for the … Continue reading

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Sept 11, 2001 Attacks: Tribute and Audio Excerpts

The Eleventh Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States by the al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization is approaching. These attacks one the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington were successful in the eyes of the … Continue reading

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Good Night Andy Griffith

Andy Griffth’s career was based on characters that were in some degree a light-hearted parody of himself. Born in North Carolina, Griffith’s parents were so poor that Andy didn’t have a crib or bed and for some time slept in … Continue reading

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Good Night, Doris Singleton

(1919-2012) We would like to take a few moments to acknowledge the passing Doris Singleton. Ms. Singleton is remembered best for her successful television career, especially her role as Lucy and Ricky’s neighbor on I Love Lucy. Her other small … Continue reading

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Good Night, Frank Cady

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of beloved character actor, Frank Cady. Although primarily known for his television role as Sam Drucker, the postmaster and general store keeper of Hooterville, USA, like many actors of … Continue reading

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Good Night, Ray Bradbury: Sci Fi Writer Passes Away at Age 91

At the age of twelve, Ray Bradbury saw a carnival magician, Mr. Electrico. The magician took a statically electrified sword, touched it to Ray’s nose, and shouted “Live Forever!” The hair on Ray’s head literally stood on end from the … Continue reading

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Good Night Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace will be remembered chiefly for practically defining investigative journalism on CBS TV’s 60 Minutes. Like so many important figures from television’s Golden Era, Wallace got his start in broadcasting in old time radio. Wallace was born to Russian … Continue reading

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