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The Japanese Propaganda Machine of World War II and Tokyo Rose

Although the moniker Tokyo Rose was used by Allied forces to describe any of the English speaking female Japanese broadcasters of propaganda during World War II, the name became most closely associated with Iva Ikuko Toguri. Toguri was a first … Continue reading

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Return From Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo: Doolittle Fliers

The ability or Radio to capture history is a continual source of amazement. Some moments are somewhat obscure, but meaningful nonetheless. For our consideration today we have an episode of Your AAF, Doolittle Fliers. The program was a weekly presentation of … Continue reading

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Patriotic Radio, How Fibber Won the War

The wave of American Patriotism during the Second World War is a phenomenon that may seem foreign to modern audiences. But this genuine feeling of involvement in the War was nearly universal. A good example of this is the popular … Continue reading

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