Say The Magic Woid

Radio wasn’t always kind to Julius Marx. Better known to the world as Groucho, Julius and his brothers were pushed into show business by their mother, Minnie Marx, who hoped her sons would find their fortune like their uncle Al Shean of Gallagher and Shean. The brothers began their vaudeville careers as a singing group,… Continue reading Say The Magic Woid

Truth or Consequence Debuted 3-23-1940

On this day in 1940, the radio quiz and gag show Truth or Consequence debuted starring Ralph Edwards which lasted almost a decade. Please enjoy this late-fourties episode starring Miss Hush of 1947. In the first consequence, a woman take the solo lead with a fifty voice male choir! Sponsored by Duz, Drene shampoo ($25,000… Continue reading Truth or Consequence Debuted 3-23-1940