Lucille Ball Suspense

Redhead On Suspense!

We’ve been looking at the way that Suspense! liked to cast actors far away from their type. One of the favorite comedians on Suspense was Lucille Ball.

Lucy was many peoples favorite. She was America’s Queen of Comedy, a favored pin-up girl, a pioneer in television acting and production, and the first woman to head a television studio. But she will always be remembered as the lady who made us all laugh with the classic routines from “I love Lucy” and her other great TV shows.

Early in her career was a time that many starlets appeared on the radio to help make ends meet. As her star began to rise, Lucy made several appearances on Suspense! In her earliest Suspense roles Lucy plays hard working girls on Broadway whom fate puts in the path of desperate men, and the third, “A Shroud for Sarah”, she becomes a cold and calculating black-widow who more than gets what she deserves. In “A Little Piece of Rope” Lucy is an ambitious girl in Hollywood who can’t get a role because she looks so young, but she can take advantage of men who like to pick up little girls, even “the Strangler”.

After she married, she appeared in “The Red Headed Woman”, playing a good girl who falls for temptation when her boss gives her the payroll money to put in the safe. She embezzles the money and makes her escape, and while driving to Mexico hears the report of a murderous bank robbery, and that the robber looks a lot like Desi Arnaz. And he has an accomplice who has red hair. And who does she see along the side of the road? Could it be Desi?