Fibber McGee and Molly George Burns & Gracie Allen Great Gildersleeve IRS Old Time Radio

Tax Time from the Golden Age of Radio

It’s tax time again. And it doesn’t get any better. Sometimes you wonder if that other inevitability might not be easier to deal with. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Just turn on the Radio and see how some other folks deal with Tax Time.

Bob Hope’s adventures at the Santa Anita racetrack don’t help his financial standing too much. When he does his taxes, he takes Jane Russell to the tax office with him. He doesn’t want the IRS watching HIS form too closely.  For more adventure, see also: Errol Flynn

George Burns is like a lot of us and waits until the last moment to work on his taxes. When George is frustrated by the tax form he gives Gracie $50 to go to a tax professional, but Gracie decides she can help out by buying a one dollar tax book, saving him $49! Only Gracie could
use a $1 tax book to find out the government owes George $30million. But the really interesting question is whether or not Gracie’s help can keep George out of Alcatraz.

The Great Gildersleeve does his taxes for 1943, while America is deeply involved in WWII. When he begins to list the interest on his savings account a “little voice” convinces him that he doesn’t really have to list every thing… So he doesn’t list it, but can Gildy live with himself? Especially  with the war on? Of course tough old Gildersleeve can, for about three minutes! And who was that little voice anyway? Hitler? Of course Gildy is going to declare the interest, all $2.15 worth!

If you wonder how the government could possibly be be messed up with all the tax money you send them, consider that Fibber McGee did his own taxes in 1944. You would have thought that things would have balanced out the next year when the tax assessor came to see him the next year, especially because he thought the assessor was writing a newspaper society piece about him!

If you need any more proof that that government is evil, you just need to be there when McGee gets his 1949 Tax bill on Thanksgiving! Imagine the nerve of them charging $125 taxes on a house that the McGee’s won in a $2 drawing!

Don’t you wish we had the Lone Ranger to protect us from the IRS.?  On Mar 21, 1941, the local strong man is trying to collect “Taxes” from the hard working settlers in the area. Of course the Strong man’s only authority to collect taxes is his men and their guns. But the wrong doers have no chance against the Masked Man. I wonder if Silver Bullets are deductible?

These recordings and many more tax-day laughs are available on the Old Time Radio‘s Tax Time Collection.