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National Ventriloquist Week, July 18- 21, 2012

We can’t say for sure if it was authorized by an Act of Congress, or by a Presidential Directive. But who ever had the authority to declare National Ventriloquism Week, we would like to lend our whole hearted support! David … Continue reading

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Patriotic Old Time Radio Radio: Comedies

Patriotism is an essentially happy situation, so why shouldn’t comedy be a part of a Patriotic Old Time Radio Collection? No one needed a laugh as much as the Troops during WWII, and AFRS with their Command Performance. GI’s could … Continue reading

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Groundhog’s Day At Jotem Down Store

    “Do they have a calendar down in their little hole?”or ““How does a groundhog know when February the Second gets here”? Enjoy this recording: Cedric is “helped” by Lum with his Groundhog Day school writing project:  

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Abraham Lincoln in Old Time Radio

Any serious (even not so serious) study will place Abraham Lincoln as one of the top two American Presidents. No President did as much to preserve the American Nation, and perhaps none can come as close as Lincoln to fulfilling … Continue reading

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Good Night, Sherwood Schwartz.

Sherwood Schwartz will be best remembered for writing on the Red Skelton Show, and creating “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch“. Schwartz passed away on Jul 12, 2011 at the age of 94. There will be a lot written about … Continue reading

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Bill Ring Old Time Radio

“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, You’re TOO busy!” This philosophy was popularized by Country Music legend Bill Ring. Ring appeared on the California Hayride TV program with Cottonseed Clark. He also became part of the Ralph D. Foster’s … Continue reading

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Old Time Radio for a Happy Father’s Day

According to the US Census Bureau there are 8,111 clothing stores across the US, many of which will sell you a very nice tie for Father’s Day. There are 16,010 Hardware Store which sell hammers, screwdrivers and power tools that … Continue reading

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Tax Time from the Golden Age of Radio

It’s tax time again. And it doesn’t get any better. Sometimes you wonder if that other inevitability might not be easier to deal with. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Just turn on the Radio and see how some … Continue reading

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