Tony Martin, Great Entertainer from the Days of Old Time Radio, Has Past Away

Tony Martin, a baritone voice and actor from the great age of Hollywood-produced musicals, has passed away at the age of 98. The devoted husband to another icon of the great age, Cyd Charisse, is remembered for many famous movies and musicals, more notably “Casbah” and “Ziegfeld Girl”.  He passed away at his home in Los Angeles. 

The Academy Awards were not a foreign concept to Tony Martin.  Two songs he sang in two musicals were nominated for Oscars, including “For Every Man There’s a Woman”, from the movie “Casbah”.

 Yet, Tony Martin had his place in old time radio as well. In 1936, he made a performance in the radio program “Pigskin Parade”. In the same year, he made vocal performances in “Sing baby, Sing” and “Poor Little Rich Girl”.  Martin made a presence in three radio episodes of The Burns and Allen, which in one Thanksgiving episode he performed alongside of Gracie singing, 

In 1937, Martin appeared in a few radio programs, such as “Ali Baba goes to Town” with Alice Fay, in “You can’t Have Everything. Again, he spent some time on the Burns and Allen Program.” It was said Tony Martin enjoyed the comic genius of this remarkable couple. 

During 1938-1940, Tony Martin was involved in a radio program entitled, “Good News of 1939” or Good News of 1940”. This program followed the life of Baby Snooks and Daddy. The audience loved the candid humor and musical variety that Martin brought to the program. 

During the 1940’s, Rexall Drugs produced a radio program called, “Rexall’s Parade of Stars”. Martin was able to to croon out a number of popular hits of the day, and enraptured the audience…especially the ladies in radio land. 

During the period of WWII, Tony Martin did his part to encourage the radio listener, while making a patriotic gesture to pay homage to different aspects of the Army Air Force. In the different programs ‘Sustain the Wings”, the program would salute some air combat training facility or aircraft manufacturer. Oftentimes the show would broadcast from the location of the entity being laid with accolades.

Through the Years, Martin would be a part of other radio broadcasts, like “Texas Star Theatre” or “America Calling.” Tony Martin was as much a patriot and lover of America as any celebrity of his day. The hours he put into sharing his talent with the listening public, while denying no favor to Uncle Sam when he called, was hard to be matched by peers of his day.

He is preceded in death by his wife, and one son. He leaves behind his wife’s son from a prior marriage and two grandchildren.

As long as Tony Martin could perform, he was going to. He had no intention of letting the ground stay still under his feet. It can not be said that Tony Martin lived anything less than a full and complete life.