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Five Reasons to keep your Old Time Radio Shows on MP3 CDs

Old Time RadioOld Time Radio has seen a renaissance with the new technology of MP3 digital technology. For the price of $5-10, you can find your favorite old time radio shows with 50 hours of shows on MP3 format. But why choose MP3 over conventional audio cds?

  1. Convenience: Whipping out your reel-to-reel machine to listen to your old time radio shows is really uncouth, and in some cases may cause instant frustration and profuse sweating. Driving across country with those pesky old time radio shows on those cassette tapes in the consol doesn’t leave much room for your potato chips and coke. Many cars now offer MP3 players standard allowing for uninterrupted Old Time Radio listening for 100s on hours.
  2. Price: With the price of movie ticket going up to $9 a ticket (ouch!), it’s nice to know that there are still some good deals in entertainment. An MP3 CD can cost between $5-10 depending on the vendor, and that’s a lot of date nights for you and your sweetie. Bonus: you don’t have to fight for seats with those over-pierced, blue-haired teens.
  3. Style: Pretty much everyone under the age of 50 has an MP3 solid-state player these days (iPod). Though you many not be able to get down and boogie like in those commercials, you can look cool while listening to your favorite hard-boiled detective,Philip Marlowe, on an MP3 player.
  4. Self-discipline: I’ll keep walking for one more episode of The Whistler. With old time radio shows on MP3, you might walk/garden/make a dandy mess in the garage, just to listen to the end of your Dragnet radio show, even though you are pretty sure that Joe Friday gets the bad guys in the end.
  5. Storage: Conventional Audio CDs can only store 1 hour worth of shows a little more than a regular sized slice of baloney. Old Time Radio shows on a single MP3 disk can hold up to 50 hours. You could have a two day Burns and Allen bender without changing a single disk-now that’s entertainment!

Hop on over today to our favorite website, Old Time Radio Catalog which has thousands of shows online you can read about and listen to full episodes online. OTRCAT has the nicest folks offering old time radio shows online and would be glad to help you start your collection today:

OTRCAT.comOrson Welles

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  1. Diane says:

    Love me some whistler(cue the music)

    The thing about the Whistler…They always have a surprise ending.

  2. Lucille Cumming says:

    Unfortunately, I am one who does not have an MP3 player. What do I do? How about placing them on DVD -R?

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